“I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.”.. I Kings 17.4

I Kings 17 the Lord promised to sustain Elijah in the time of a famine. The Lord instructed Elijah to go to the brook for He had commanded the ravens to feed him. Two ravens would come in the morning and the evening. One would bring bread and the other would bring meat. This is how the Lord provided for Elijah. 

Many years ago our church began a food bank. We would provide meals for those in need in our com-munity. When we began the food bank the Lord impressed upon us to name the food bank “Raven’s Nest.” Ravens are scavenger birds which is why it is ironic the Lord chose the raven to feed Elijah with bread and meat. A bird known to eat almost anything was used to sustain and provide for Elijah. The nest is a place of safety and security for the ravens and their young. 

Our community is in need of a place where there is safety and provision for those in need. A portion of all proceeds will go to feed the homeless in our community and a portion of all proceeds will fund mis-sions projects in Ghana.